Chantal's Bouviers photo 1 "Maxx"

Imported directly from Belgium
True HollandFrench/Belgium Bloodlines

Selective Breeding
Only Gets You The Best.

Chantal's Bouviers photo 2 "Blake"

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Specializing in the Ultimate Fawns.

Top Breeder on the East Coast.

We Do Breed in Best European Traditions.
Our foundation dogs are evaluated and registered by FCI.

Home of Ch. Maxx, #2 Stud Dog in 1994.

Bouviers Trained Exclusively by Brian Dooley for U.S. Celebrities.

U.S. Poster Dog, "Blake," is featured on Coffee Mugs
and "Bear" is the star of the new Disney Movie.


Andre and Captain (frenchie)

The Bouvier kids.

We would like to congratulate Chantal's, Ch. Trouble De La Ghoudier,
for being the first fawn Champion to enter Japan in 1996
& winning Best In Show at Tokyo Garden in 1997.

Andre is Available for Stud, (OFA-CHIC # 38654)

Champion Titled Parents on the Premises

Adult Dogs Available on Occasion

Full Written Health Guarantee

We Ship Worldwide

The best of the Bouvier dogs are found here.

Please feel free to stop by and compare .

Our puppies are so cute and fun to be around! Chantal's Bouviers photo 4 "Ula"
Our puppies are so cute and fun to be around!

Chantal's Bouviers photo 5 "Blake" Look at these puppies!

All of our Bouviers are exclusively selected and imported by Chantal
from Holland, Belgium and Finland from the top champion producers.

We may be partial, but we feel Bouviers are the best of all dog breeds!

    Andre standing up at the fence.
Want a great family dog?  This dog breed is for you!
Andre (OFA-CHIC # 38654)
Bouvier Dogs are the BEST!
Andre on the slide at 5 months.
Bouvier Dogs are the BEST!
Andre at 1 year.

  Adding a Bouvier des Flandres to your family is very rewarding and a great experience.



The Bouvier's personality and temperament make it a perfect addition to any home.

If you would like more information on these wonderful dogs or
to check on the availability of puppies, please contact me.

One of our favorite dog breeds is the Bouvier.
Bear, the dad on the fawn litter pictured below.
Bouvier puppies are playfull too!
Jake having fun.
Our dogs / puppies are so handsome!

Kissing kids.
Our dogs / puppies are so handsome!
Baby Frankie
This litter of puppies has many colors!
New litter born.

The Only Kennel in USA Owned and Operated by Professional Breeder
From the Country of Origin of the Breed.


(610) 505-4151 Cell
(610) 409-9246

Chantal's Bouviers photo 7 "Guss"

Chantal is the Top Breeder on the East Coast!

Imported directly from Belgium.  True Holland / Belgium Bloodlines.  We have beautiful puppies on premises in all colors available.  Bouviers are a perfect addition to any home.  Champion Titled Parents.  Adult Dogs Available on Occasion.  Full Written Guarantee.  Stud Service Available in All Colors.  We Ship Worldwide!

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